Many people have asked me whether it is safe for their dog to ride in the front seat.  If you do a google search the results for this question are mixed.

Dog Car Seat Safety

At Safe and Sound Hound, we always recommend that you secure your pup in a dog car seat in the back seat and here’s why;

  1. The front passenger seat has an airbag that will do harm to your pet. Airbags are meant to protect adults. An airbag deploying on your pup will cause more injury in the event of an accident.

2. The driver is more likely to get distracted. It is much easier to reach over and pet               your pup when they are in the front seat versus the back seat. Looking away from             the road for only two seconds doubles your risk of being in a collision or accident.

3. When your dog is restrained in the back seat they are less likely to go through the               windshield in the event of an accident or hard stop. If they are in the back seat and           become a projectile the chances of them hitting the seat in front of them is greater             and safer.

A dog safety restraint system is essential when traveling with your pup. As stated above we always recommend installing your dog car seat in the back seat. This creates a safer environment for everyone in the car.

All the dog car seats we offer at Safe and Sound Hound can be installed in the back seat. Our products vary in size, style, and functionality to suit your needs.

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Don’t hesitate to keep your pup safe!

Fido Rido Dog Car Seat | An In-Depth Product Review

At Safe and Sound Hound, we offer a variety of dog car seats. Each dog car seat is different and has certain attributes that may be better suited for you and your pup. One of the products we offer is the Fido Rido Dog Car Seat which is a dog car seat, a dog bathtub, and a dog bed all in one!

Products Benefits

  • This dog car seat comes with a dog safety harness to keep your pup secure in the seat.
  • Your dog will not be a distraction to the driver.
  • Your dog is safely restrained in the event of an accident or hard stop/turn.
  • The dog car seat will keep your pup contained protecting your back seat from mud, dander, hair or anything else your dog may bring into the car.
  • The dog safety harness attaches to a unique two-strap safety system to keep your pup secure.
  • This dog car seat is multi-functional as it is a dog car seat, dog bed, and a dog bath tub.
  • Although your dog is strapped in they can still sit, stand, lie down and see out the window so they can enjoy the ride too!

Product Description

  • Constructed from the same material as child safety seats.
  • All parts of the dog car seat can be separated and washed for easy clean-ups.
  • Every seat comes with a plush colorful cover that is made from either Sherpa or fleece.
    • The cover can be removed, and machine washed.
  • This dog car seat comes with;
    • A 6-inch cushion for ultimate comfort
    • A bumper pad
    • 1 set of straps and buckles
    • A dog safety harness
    • Storage pouch
    • Instructions
  • The dog car seat will take up one seat in your car:
    •  Size of the seat: 23.5 x 18.2 x 10 inches
    • For dogs up to 30lbs

Car Installation

  • Place the dog car seat in the back seat of your vehicle on either the left or right seat.
  • There is a sticker that says “place this end against seat” which indicates the back versus the front of the seat to eliminate confusion.
  • Remove the Sherpa or fleece cover
  • Feed your vehicle’s seatbelt through the holes on either side of the dog car seat.
  • Buckle the seatbelt and pull tight to secure the dog car seat.
  • Pull the cover back over the top of the seat

This dog car seat will make traveling with your pup easy and fun. Safe and Sound Hound is proud to offer quality products that improve the lives of pets and their owners. We hope you love this dog car seat as much as we do!

Don’t wait to buckle up your pup in the Fido Rido Dog Car Seat!

Dog Car Safety | What about Fido Campaign | Story #5

Over the last 20 years, pets have increasingly found their way into the homes and hearts of their owners. People today are much more likely to treat their pups with additional concern and care than in the past. It’s hard not too – we love our dogs!  One topic regarding our beloved pups that has become more popular in recent years is dog safety in the car.

I recently reached out to the online community asking for stories and experiences about dogs involved in car accidents. I will be writing a series of posts (#whataboutfido) highlighting the responses and the importance of dog safety in the car.

I spoke with Susan, who owns a German Shepherd (Luna) and a beagle (Lola). On a sunny Saturday afternoon in 2011, Susan was driving in her Chevy Tahoe when Lola unexpectedly jumped out the window.  This isn’t something we think about or see every day, but it happens more than you may think.

Susan always took Luna and Lola for car rides. They especially loved the wind in their hair as they stuck their heads out the window.  Usually, it was Luna that had her head out the window because she was bigger, and it was easier for her to stand on the back seat and reach the window. Susan had to roll the window down lower if Lola wanted a turn to feel the breeze.

Susan was driving around 30mph on a residential road when suddenly Lola, the beagle, was able to get herself high enough that she jumped out the window. Susan was so caught off guard, at first, she wasn’t sure what happened. She immediately pulled over as she saw Lola running around the street limping and confused. Luckily, she was on a residential road so the chances of Lola getting hit by a car were significantly decreased.

Susan explains that she was shocked Lola jumped out the window of a moving car. She had never exhibited any behaviors in the past that would lead Susan to think she would do something like this.

Susan was able to get Lola back in the car and she immediately took her to the vet. Lola was very lucky to only have minor injuries since a jump from a moving Chevy Tahoe isn’t an easy one!

The solution to this problem is a dog car seat also referred to as a dog restraint system for the car. A dog car seat will keep your dog safely restrained in a moving vehicle as well as in the event of an accident.

This type of incident is completely unexpected, but you don’t need to be unprepared. When it comes to dog safety, it is better to be safe than sorry. Hopefully, you’re reading this and have never experienced anything like this- let’s keep it that way!

A dog car seat is a one-time purchase that has so much more meaning than just a cute dog accessory. It can be a life-saving product for your beloved pet.

This YouTube video demonstrates the unpredictability and danger an unrestrained dog in a vehicle can be to itself and others. This is not Susan and her pets, but she can directly relate as this is the same situation she found herself in with Lola. There is nothing graphic in this video, but it is scary to see.

I will be posting these stories weekly! Our mission with this campaign is to raise awareness about dog safety in the car. Although, this topic may be unpleasant to think about it is important. Please share this story with others using the hashtag #whataboutfido and let’s get the word out to keep Fido safe!

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Puppy Car Seat | The benefits of using a dog car seat for your new puppy

What is the difference between a dog car seat and a puppy car seat? Well, not much. The only difference is the age of your pup! Getting your puppy used to a dog car seat when they are young is not only beneficial for your pup but for you, as the owner, as well.

The nice thing about purchasing a dog car seat for your puppy is, depending on how big they will grow to be, you can use the same dog car seat for years. If you know your puppy will grow to be more than 30lbs you can look for dog car seat and cover combinations which are suitable for small puppies that grow into big dogs.

Puppy car seat

The benefits of using a dog car seat for your puppy:

  1. If you use a dog car seat when your dog is young it will become routine. You will not need to train your pup to use a dog car seat.
  2. Puppies are not trained yet and less likely to listen to commands. This is extremely dangerous in the car. A dog car seat will keep them safely restrained so you can focus on the road.
  3. Puppies have accidents. A dog car seat will keep your puppy in the seat so if they happen to have an accident it is contained. Most dog car seats are machine washable for easy clean-ups!
  4. Puppies are more prone to car sickness because their ear structure for balance has not fully developed. A dog car seat or a dog booster seat will sit your pup up higher which will help reduce the chances that they will get motion sick.

Puppy car seat

Upon purchasing or acquiring a new puppy it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the puppy is well taken care of and that includes dog safety in the car. Puppies are so adorable and loveable it is easy to get caught up in their cuteness even when driving. A dog car seat will eliminate that tempting distraction by keeping your puppy safely restrained.  It will also give your puppy routine and structure whenever they get in the car.

Don’t hesitate to keep your puppy safe and comfortable in the car today!